Jonathan Entwistle Teases “Familiar Faces” in Netflix’s New ‘Power Rangers’ Cinematic Universe

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It’s been some time since it was announced that Jonathan Entwistle was announced as the head behind a new cinematic universe for the Power Rangers franchise. Ever since we’ve heard very little bout the project. Well, that was until now as we finally got an update that Jenny Klein will showrun a Power Rangers series. There are no details on how this project will effectively work or if it may be the central franchise-building others, but it finally moving forward offers an exciting prospect that we might get more details on it sooner rather than later.

Entwistle was just as excited about the news, as he took to his personal Twitter account to share the news as well as tease that it’s a big part of this new cinematic universe. He also went on to confirm that they are establishing a new universe (a curious wording given the multiversal status of the Boom! Comics adaptations). What stands out, however, is that he also teases some “familiar faces” joining.

Not too long ago, we heard from former Pink Ranger Amy Jo Johnson that they haven’t been involved in some capacity with the project. Of course, things may have changed and they were still busy mapping out the concept before getting the original crew involved. There’s also the 30th anniversary just around the corner, which could be the perfect timing to kick off this new universe and how it may connect to the rest. So, here’s hoping we’ll get more insight soon.

Source: Twitter

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