‘The Thing about Pam’s Jenny Klein to Showrun New ‘Power Rangers’ Series for Netflix

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It looks like eOne’s Power Rangers reboot over at Netflix is finally picking up some speed. For quite some time now, we’ve learned that Jonathan Entwistle has been supervising a Power Rangers universe, but we never got any concrete information on where the project may or may not be heading. Now that all changed, as they’ve added their first member to the team. The Thing About Pam‘s Jenny Klein has inked a deal with Entertainment One and will act as showrunner on the Power Rangers series heading to Netflix, where she’ll work with Entwistle on the series. eOne’s EVP, Gabe Marano, shared the following statement:

Building this partnership with Jenny, whose talent and passion transcends genres, is an exciting moment for us. We believe that her distinctive vision makes her the perfect fit to help us develop Hasbro’s deep library of IP, as well as original projects, and we’re thrilled to have her on board.

Gabe Marano

There are still no details on what exactly the upcoming new take on the franchise will offer. Power Rangers is still currently airing with the Dino Fury series, which marks the 29th season since Mighty Morphin Power Rangers aired. There is likely still going to be a continuation as with Klein only joining now, they might not start production on a new series until 2023. Still, it’s exciting to finally get an update and it does seem like they are picking up the pace for the new Netflix universe based on the iconic series.

Source: Deadline

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