‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ Beats Out ‘Doctor Strange 2’ and ‘No Way Home’ to Become South Korea’s Highest Day One Release

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Top Gun: Maverick was already making numbers over the weekend as it seeks to potentially take the crown home as the biggest domestic release, its new competitor is already starting a dominant swing internationally. Jurassic World: Dominion was already released on June 1st in South Korea. It will be followed by Mexico and Argentina. While the film won’t officially be released until June 10th, Japan even being as late as June 29th, the film has already earned $6.05M in South Korea on its first day. That is higher than Spider-Man: No Way Home ($5.3M) and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness ($5.9M).

It’s the year of box office gainers, as we are more and more gaining momentum from before the pandemic. Dominion also has quite the legacy factor of its own to play with as the main cast is joined by veterans Sam Neill, Laura Dern, and Jeff Goldblum. The film is currently eyeing a potential $130M opening which would be lower than both Fallen Kingdom ($148M) and the first Jurassic World ($160M), which was a surprise hit that no one saw coming at the time.

Unlike most blockbuster franchises that have people doing superhuman things, including Top Gun Maverick, Jurassic World was the more down-to-earth concept if you ignore the human eating dinosaurs revived to life in a zoo. It may stand out from the rest and we’ll see if Top Gun gave the box office the momentum it needed as older audiences are slowly willing to enter cinemas again after taking a break through the pandemic.

Source: Forbes

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