‘Jurassic World: Dominion’s Colin Trevorrow Talks How He Approach Dinosaurs Co-Existing With Humanity

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The ending of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom unleashed dinosaurs unto the rest of the world, as they escaped an underground black market. When we first heard of Dominion, the sequel seemingly teased that humanity is starting to co-exist with the prehistoric creatures that are now no longer trapped in a theme park or on an island, but rather actually living in the current world.

In an interview with Total Film, director Colin Trevorrow talks about how he approached the concept and highlighted how he tried to simply replicate how animals co-exist with us currently rather than twisting the concept that would make it seem too unrealistic. Dinosaurs are animals and we still co-exist with them, even have some as pets, which opens up a lot of potential.

But it was important to me that we try to at least approach it from a place of reality: what if this insane thing actually happened? The rule that we made was, we tried not to have dinosaurs do anything or interact in any way that animals wouldn’t in our modern world. You know, we have bears and tigers and lions and things that will eat you if you go into their territory, or mess with their young. We have animals in zoos. We weaponize them. We put them in our homes as pets. We sell them in markets. So all of these different realities are in this film in different ways.

Colin Trevorrow

Trevorrow also goes on to highlight how Malta plays into the story, as it once again has dinosaurs trapped on an island. In a way, the sequence pays tribute to the original franchise with how they were trapped on Isla Nubar but this time without the rebuilt natural habitat to keep them at bay.

There is one city. There’s a sequence in Malta. The dinosaurs didn’t come there by choice. Malta is really the hub for the dinosaur underground black market. It’s where they’re imported and exported, bought and sold. And that’s part of our world, too – the animals are displaced from their natural habitat, as they were in the last movie, and brought to other places where they don’t necessarily belong. And chaos can easily ensue there…

Colin Trevorrow

The concept is going to be quite interesting to explore, especially as it opens up what it means for the future of the franchise. Its selling point was the initial Jurassic Park that was swiftly left behind as the dinosaurs continue to find a way to escape their encapture after the first film. Yet, if they continue with the franchise going into a fourth, we may see more of a world where people learned to live with dinosaurs.

Source: Total Film

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