‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Writers Address ‘Loki’ Connection

None of us expected it to be the massive gamechanger of 2020 but Loki forever changed the landscape of the MCU when it blew open the doors of the multiverse. This month’s Spider-Man: No Way Home extrapolated on the consequences of the multiverse opening as it brought several characters from previous Spider-Man franchises into the fold of the MCU. Even though it isn’t explicit, there is a connection to be made between the events of Loki and Spider-Man which the writers addressed in an interview with The Wrap.

We were already down this road when that ‘Loki’ finale happened. We all felt like, this really helps. This is great because it shows that there is trouble in the multiverse. Whether certain things that were happening in ‘Loki’ line up in terms of the timeline exploding and is that the same time that Doctor Strange is casting the spell, I don’t know. There is, I’m sure, the Marvel talking points to that. But we were aware of a lot of the different things that were going on, and could we draw on those, how it would be affected by this thing, but ultimately we had our own giant story bear to wrestle with.

The multiversal connection between the two projects may seem like one of the many happy coincidences that make the MCU so fluid and exciting. The Loki writers may not have been specifically aware of such a connection but it’s hard to imagine the stewards of the MCU, Kevin Feige and his think tank of producers, not seeing how it could all tie together. Nonetheless, it’s exciting to think about how Loki, No Way Home, and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness could make up one big multiversal trilogy.

Source: The Wrap

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