‘THE BATMAN’ Spin-Off Focused on Penguin In Development for HBO MAX

the batman penguin spin off

It looks like The Batman might continue to expand, as Deadline has unveiled an HBO Max series is in early development to explore the story of one of his iconic villains, the Penguin. Dylan Clark and Matt Reeves are acting as executive producers with their 6th and Idaho Dylan Clark Productions alongside Warner Bros. Television and DC Entertainment. The plan seems to give Oswald Cobblepot a Scarface storyline that explores his rise to the iconic mob boss. Colin Farrell will play him in the upcoming film, but there’s no word he’ll also play it in the series.

It’s the second series that takes place in this universe. It was originally going to explore the corrupted Gotham PD during Batman’s first year. Reports in august hinted at the spin-off getting a new direction and will explore Arkham Asylum in some way. It’s mostly hinted at due to the new working title rumored to be Arkham as it finally enters production.

It’ll be interesting to see if other characters get spin-offs moving forward, as The Batman will build up an extensive universe around the character’s rogue’s gallery. Exploring the life of a Falcone or Maroni family member with the mysterious Bat luring over their heads would make for a compelling drama. They could even introduce more complex stories of villains before they face the bat in a future film. Reeves remains heavily involved with these projects and it’ll be interesting to see how it continues to grow in the future.

Source: Deadline

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