‘MORTAL KOMBAT’ Sequels In Development

mortal kombat sequels

Warner Bros. has challenged 2021 with the most daring strategy. They’ve established that every film would release simultaneously on their new streaming service HBO Max. Of course, it ended up cutting into the film’s box office performance but still kept some hope we’ll see future sequels. Mortal Kombat even managed to keep the top spot of most-viewed release and it seems they’re already working on various spin-offs as a result of its success.

The reveal is hidden in a piece by Variety where Dune director Denis Villeneuve discusses his trust that this release strategy won’t stop him from developing a sequel to his upcoming release. In it, they also reveal that an insider heard that sequels on various Mortal Kombat characters are in some form of development. It seems they’re planning on creating a universe that explores the many realms within the MK universe.

Mortal Kombat: Sorgt in den USA für größtes Kinowochenende seit Beginn der  Pandemie

The first film tried to change up the rules of the gaming franchise, as it tries to explain how human characters have special abilities. We also never got to witness the titular tournament, which seems likely what various spin-offs might build up towards. The ending teased the appearance of Johnny Cage, who may get his own film as he’s become the mainstay throughout the franchise.

Of course, there’s the question if we continue exploring Cole’s story, or they might shift focus moving forward. He was a newly introduced character whose ties to Scorpion made him the main protagonist. Yet, his literal plot armor helped him survive the first onslaught and who knows if the death of Sub-Zero might lure in his brother’s wrath.

Source: Variety

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