EXCLUSIVE: Mohamed Diab Reveals His Favorite Moment in ‘Moon Knight’ Series

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Mohamed Diab has brought his cultural background to elevate Moon Knight’s exploration of Egypt and Egyptian mythology. Not only that, but he was also able to introduce the MCU’s first Egyptian superhero. In an exclusive interview with our very own Charles Villanueva, he reveals that May Calamawy‘s Layla El-Faouly’s big moment was one of his highlights, especially what it means for his daughter.

That moment was the highlight of the show for me. My daughter when she was three told me that she wanted to straighten her curly hair. Because she never looked like any of the stuff she watched on TV. So to have this curly-haired girl [Calamawy] – strong and completely defies Arab stereotypes – be there and inspire other girls is such a great moment. Emphasizing it with that girl, she’s like, “What?!” If this was shown in a movie theater, people would cheer.

Mohamed Diab

It definitely was a moment that would’ve gotten some cheers in a theater, but that doesn’t downplay the importance and experience for many watching the series. The director highlights the importance of what Marvel Studios is trying to accomplish with its more diverse cast of characters moving forward.

People look at Marvel shows with a lot of lightness but those shows are shaping the future and it’s very important. People get chills and cry when they see themselves represented and heard.

Mohamed Diab

We’ve seen time and time again that Marvel Studios has been embracing their heroes and their diverse culture for some time. Just recently, they announced that Ms. Marvel will release in Pakistani theaters as the country doesn’t yet have Disney+ and they wanted to ensure that the first Pakistani-American superhero is also represented. The only question on everyone’s mind now is if the newly introduced Scarlet Scarab will return in the future.

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