‘Ms. Marvel’ to Release in Pakistani Theaters as 3 Parts

ms marvel release

Disney and Marvel Studios have something special planned for their upcoming release of Ms. Marvel. While it’s still planned as a weekly release on Disney+ worldwide, it seems like there will be a special release in Pakistan. Ms. Marvel will release in theaters across the country. Not only will they create a special format for all six episodes, but it’ll be made available in three parts.

As revealed by Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy on her official Instagram account, the six episodes will release in batches of two, which are set to find their way to Pakistani theaters on June 16th, June 30th, and finally on July 14th. It’s a way to celebrate the first Pakistani Marvel superhero and offer it to the country that doesn’t yet have Disney+ access.

This move is definitely a great showcase of respecting the cultural background of the character and making it easier to access for those that don’t have the service. It wouldn’t be too surprising if this new theatrical release model becomes a standard for those countries that don’t yet have access to the streaming service. If the film manages to pull in an audience over the course of all three releases, it might definitely also offer a great alternative for those countries that may otherwise not have any access to the service moving forward.

Source: Instagram

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