Netflix Announces ‘BRZRKR’ Sequel Anime and Live-Action Adaption

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Keanu Reeve has been on a hot streak for some time now. The man has become unstoppable as a movie star. He recently even played Johnny Silverhand in Cyberpunk: 2077 and even wrote his comic book. Just two weeks ago, the first issue of BRZRKR hit the shelves, a story about an immortal warrior known as “B.” He has been around for over 80,000 years, fighting through wars across history, who just so happens to be half-mortal and half-god. In the modern era, he has become an operative for the US government, who fights the battles no one else wants. Now, he is hellbent on uncovering the secret to his neverending life. 

Netflix has acquired the rights to the new comic book series, which has already sold a whopping 615,000 units according to its publisher, Boom! Comics. Netflix will develop a live-action adaption alongside a sequel series in the form of an Anime. It’ll serve as a follow-up to the comic that will run for twelve issues. Reeves is also set to star in both projects, as the character’s likeness is based on his own.


BRZRKR’s first issue has hit shelves two weeks ago. The story was developed by Reeves, who worked on it alongside Matt Kindt. As these new projects are early in development, they currently have no release date. So, it’s the perfect time to explore the BRZRKR universe.

Source: THR, Twitter

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