‘Batwoman’ BTS Pictures Offer First Look at Javicia Leslie in Costume and Batmobile

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – SEPTEMBER 23: Javicia Leslie attends the Always A Bridesmaid Los Angeles Premiere at Sunset 5 on September 23, 2019 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images for Tri Destined Studios)

Batwoman has just recently started production on its second season. The upcoming season will see a major change for the series as Rubie Rose left the show. Luckily, the team didn’t waste time and Javicia Leslie joined the show. She will play an original character named Ryan Wilder. The disappearance of Kate Kane will be a plot point throughout the season that will be explored. We’ve gotten smaller teases here and there of what she may look like in the costume. There was also the question if they would completely redesign it. Well, looks like they stayed true to the design from the previous season. We got a tease by the actress alongside a set photo of her full design.


.The costume looks great on Leslie. It is pretty much the exact same costume that Rose wore last season. They are still early in development so they may also be working on a second version of the costume that she wears later on. She is wearing the red wig that is a staple of the character’s comic design. So, there is a good chance this will remain the same as it is an iconic visual alongside the red bat symbol. There is, however, one brand new addition to the upcoming season. The website Canadagraphs got their hands on an image that seems to show what could be the Batmobile.



It is a little difficult to make out but it seems to be some kind of supercar. What makes it stand out are the MoCap tags stuck to it. So, this means they will most likely change it with CGI once filming has finished. The show has to work on a budget so we won’t be seeing anything near 1989’s Batman or the Tumblr from Batman Begins. It is still great to see it make an appearance after Kane spent the first season mostly using her private motorcycle. At least this way if Wilder drives to the Batcave she won’t be easy to track. According to Canadagraphs, the scene involves Batwoman trying to jump into the bus that belongs to Crows Security. Hopefully, they will reveal a render of what the Batmobile might look like once they added the effects.

Source: Instagram, Twitter, Candagraphs

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