Why ‘Vision Quest’ Would Be The Perfect ‘WandaVision’ Spin-Off

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Earlier today, it got revealed that Marvel Studios is starting to develop spin-offs for their various Disney+ shows. Hawkeye hasn’t even aired, but the newly introduced character Echo is already getting her series. Of course, this makes you wonder what other characters may potentially get a continuation on the streaming platform. Well, the more I thought about it, I came to realize that WandaVision offers a jumping-off point for a classic storyline that barely even gets scratched in the series. As such, we might see a series inspired by the title of the 1989 comic-run, Vision Quest. It would follow White Vision’s travel of accepting his true identity after the finale.


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The original storyline by John Byrne introduced a kidnapped and memory-wiped version of the Synthezoid. It was the storyline where the true identity of their children got revealed. We covered this aspect in the first released series by Marvel Studios. So, the upcoming series would pick up after the bout of philosophy. After discussing the classic philosophy of the Boat of Theseus, the two distinct versions of Vision start to bond over their existence. In a way, the version that Wanda created through her grief shares his memories with White Vision, and he declares: “I am Vision” before jetting off into the sky.

The spin-off would take place directly afterward. We see White Vision waking up anew in an unknown world. Even with his memories restored, he is uncertain what to make of his existence, so he sets out to retrace his steps. He travels the world realizing how much has changed. It creates a disconnect between the memories he has and his urge to feel a connection with them. Sokovia is just a crater, but he isn’t there for the former city. Vision visits the forest where he had his last confrontation with his creator, Ultron. He starts to retrace his steps and recovers the bot that got left behind at that time. Only remnants are left, but it reveals that Ultron was still active in the empty shell.



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Together, they start to travel the world as they discuss the two opposing views of where the world is heading. They travel to New York City, where they see the former Avengers Tower in its new design from Spider-Man: Far From Home. They both start questioning how much the world has changed and if they can find a home in itUnlike other series, his story is more of a philosophical discussion on his existence. The conflict with Ultron comes from him questioning if Vision even is a personality. Unlike his WandaVision counterpart, he is trying to find the emotions hidden within the memories he has made. He ends up forming a bond with the remnant of Ultron as they start to uncover their humanity through each other’s company. If Marvel Studios really needs a villain, they could include Hayward trying to regain his former possession. Yet, I believe that this series doesn’t have to run for long, but would be a perfect short intermission before Vision makes his next major appearance.

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