‘Hawkeye’ Spin-Off Focused on Echo In Development for Disney+

hawkeye echo

It looks like Marvel Studios is already planning some spin-offs for their major series well in advance. In a recent exclusive by variety, they have unveiled that Marvel Studios is already developing a series that focuses on Echo. The character will be first introduced in the upcoming Hawkeye series. Alaqua Cox has been cast in the role of the deaf Native American, Maya Lopez, who might have a bigger role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe moving forward than we first expected. It seems that they also have already found their writers, as Etan Cohen and Emily Cohen are attached. Of course, Marvel Studios will return to produce the series.

Now, this is interesting as it opens up the floodgates to many other characters introduced on Disney+ getting their own series at one point. It also means that Marvel Studios has some big plans for the character. We don’t know how large her role will be in the upcoming Disney+ series. Of course, the knowledge of her spin-off makes us keep an even closer eye once Hawkeye premieres, as we will see how its ending might keep the door open for her story to continue upon.

It’s a great surprise, to say the least, and I cannot wait to see what other spin-offs might be in some form of development moving forward. The MCU will continue to grow from here and it is obvious that a lot of fate has been put into the development of their long-form storytelling.

Source: Variety


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