Naked Chris Hemsworth is ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Trailers Most Replayed Moment

thor naked

We were all quite excited when we got the second trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder, as it offered our first clear look at Christian Bale as Gorr the God Butcher. We even got a good look at Russell Crowe as the Greek god Zeus, who had some fun by flicking off Thor’s disguise. He ended up overdoing it, as it lead to Chris Hemsworth‘s God of Thunder standing without his clothes on. It seems that this joke has become quite the hit with fans, as noticed that it this part is the trailer’s most replayed moment.


It’s definitely no surprise that this moment may have caught everyone’s glimpse, as Hemsworth went all out with his training for his return as the Thunderer. Even earlier set photos including him showed off just how trained he got, as his arms seemed like they doubled in size since the last time we saw him on screen.

Taika Waititi might also just be a marketing genius, as Hemsworth‘s special training isn’t the only thing that people are talking about. Natalie Portman not only returned to play Jane Foster but also went all out with her training, as many noticed just how ready she was to take on the role of Mighty Thor. Perhaps they are also hiding just how chipped Korg’s rocks have gotten since the last time we saw him growing moss while playing video games on a comfy couch.

Source: YouTube, ComicBook

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