Kevin Feige Teases Marvel Studios ‘Young Avengers’

Marvel Studios Phase 4 has seen the introduction of Billy and Tommy Maximoff, Elijah Bradley, Kate Bishop and America Chavez. Those characters join Cassie Lang as members of the comic book team knowns as the Young Avengers who are currently making their respective ways through the MCU. With fans now familiar with the members of the core team, it seems just a matter of time before they find themselves assembling and avenging. At last night’s premiere of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Marvel Studios One-Above-All Kevin Feige was asked what he could say about the potential future for the Young Avengers.

I think people pick up what we’re putting down, sometimes, and we take our cues from the comics. And yes, introducing as many characters as we can from the comics is what I’ve spent the last 22 years doing and those are among the many that we’ve introduced.

Kevin Feige

It’s no secret that Marvel Studios was looking to develop a Young Avengers project not too long ago. As the Multiverse Saga goes on, it’s not clear if that project will be part of Phase 6, which now looks to begin in 2025 with Fantastic Four, or if their first team-up might take place in another live-action project. But given Feige’s response, it feels like fans should feel good about the chances of seeing them together sooner rather than later.

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