Jennifer Beals Joins ‘The Book of Boba Fett’

jennifer beals boba fett

Now that the trailer has finally dropped for The Book of Boba Fett, everyone is looking for the tiniest details they may have missed. Deadline did the same and went out of their way to confirm that one of the Twi-lek’s we see in the trailer is The L Word’s Jennifer Beals. She also took to Twitter to share her enthusiasm for joining the galaxy far far away with the upcoming December release of the first The Mandalorian spinoff.

Her exact role still remains a mystery, but there’s a good chance there’s more to her character than meets the eye. We still know quite little about the new series and its extensive cast. The trailer teased that our favorite bounty hunter is going to take on a new role as Tatooine’s de facto ruler. As such, it wouldn’t be too surprising that he’ll have quite a few people out for his neck to take over the throne. So, we’ll see if she might have ulterior motives in the upcoming series.

Source: Deadline, Twitter

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