Kristen Schaal Confirms ‘The Bob’s Burgers Movie’ Will Reveal Why Louise Wears Bunny Ears

Every long-running series comes with a good mystery or two, and Bob’s Burgers is no exception. Ever since it debuted in 2011, the animated adult comedy has featured one of it’s most popular characters with a very specific fashion accessory. Kristen Schaal‘s Louise Belcher has never been shown without her famous pink bunny ears. No matter the weather or the occasion, the youngest Belcher sibling is always wearing her signature hat. The bunny ears have been every present and without explanation, and as a result, creating a mystery that’s grown into something of a hot topic with fans. Luckily for those dying to get an answer, it will apparently be coming much sooner than expected.

During a recent press conference promoting The Bob’s Burgers Movie, the voice of Louise confirmed the origin of her hat will be explored over the course of the film. Schaal was asked how she felt about her character’s important arc in the movie and responded with a pretty revealing anecdote:

I did feel honored that Louise would have such a heavy storyline throughout this very special event. And also, something that I think myself, and a lot of the fans have been waiting for, is to see what is the story behind Louise’s bunny ears. And so, I feel, yeah, just very honored that this is the moment that we get to share it with the world in this other big form. That everyone’s talking about it… It’s really exciting.

Kristen Schaal

It seems the writers may have been purposefully waiting for a bigger stage to tell the tale of Louise’s iconic look. If that was truly the case, a theatrically released movie adaptation of their show is as great a place as any to pull it off. When asked if any more surprise origins would come out of the film, performer John Roberts joked his character Linda might get a few answers of her own:

Where do Linda’s red glasses come from? What store was that?

John Roberts

The Bob’s Burgers Movie hits theaters May 27th.

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