Leaked Set Photos Offer First Look at Xolo Mariduena’s Blue Beetle Suit

blue beetle set photo

There’s been quite some discourse on the upcoming Blue Beetle film starring Xolo Mariduena as Jaime Reyes. There were many hinting at the suit being one of their best and it looks like a first look has found its way online as two set photos leaked. @NebsGoodtakes has shared the first look at Mariduena onset in the costume. Not only that, but we get one photo without the helmet and another of him wearing it, which shows that they managed to make a version where his nose pretty much vanishes like in the comics.

That is not all, as we also get a shot of him in action, as he is seemingly falling unto a car that is quite damaged after he landed on it. This might be the moment that he learns to use his new abilities, which he is surprisingly trying out during the day.

The costume looks great, and it’s always a nice touch to see it come to life on set. It’s unclear how much they may add to it in post-production, as it is a living suit through the blue beetle attached to his back. The face mask will likely also have a similar effect that we’ve seen with Deadpool and Spider-Man, as they will use it to make him emote more than usually would force the creative team for him to take the mask off regularly. It won’t confirm anything, but it’s definitely a great first look at his design.

Source: Twitter via JustJared

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