‘Somebody Feed Phil’ is More Relevant Than Ever

somebody feed phil

It’s a rough world out there. I’d just have to tell you to think of what has happened recently and no matter when someone reads these lines, they will find something to connect it with. Even as the pandemic is seemingly “calming” down, we’re still readjusting to a whole new world. Industries are still in a form of constant flux, no matter how many would talk about “what it used to be” as we all know: it’ll never be that ever again. In a world of constants and variables, it becomes harder to sometimes connect with things. As discussions online remain heated over any minute detail of no significance, you start finding yourself lost in it all.

Luckily, there are still some things that give you a perception that seemed lost in the online world of cynicism, clout-chasing, and god knows what else. Netflix’s Somebody Feed Phil feels like the perfect antidote to the bubble that we live in. Take yourself out of that world to join Phil Rosenthal on his journey of just enjoying life. Traveling the world, meeting interesting people, and enjoying some delicious food. It’s just refreshing and reminds you that most of what happens online doesn’t matter. It’s a world created by those in it, but it doesn’t really reflect the world out there as much as one would think.

The new season has just dropped and it was an instant must-watch because, with each new season, you feel like Phil is taking you along as part of his newfound family. He shares his delight and excitement no matter what. An optimism very missing from today; not overanalyzing anything but just enjoying it. Take a look at its history and story, not criticize what it stands for, what should or shouldn’t be the way it is but rather just accept and enjoy it at that moment. Somebody Feed Phil has grown beyond just its initial premise, it’s about life and the many people that live it. The episode on Maine has him visiting this family and spending time with people in their everyday life; even if just for a bit.

Every location visited is a new adventure, be it locally or far abroad. You’re taken along with that adventure and you just feel at home. You meet people you might never meet in your life, but you feel welcomed. They all have passions of their own and even with unique backgrounds, the sweetest moment is when they all come together at the end. Phil brings these unique individuals together and they all are having such a blast. At that very moment, they all just share what they’re doing, eating, and talking about. Something that’s gone lost throughout the pandemic, as we were locked at home.

In a world filled with cynicism and negativity, Somebody Feed Phil is that light of hope that no matter what hardships one faces in their private life, work-life, or anything that seems to just slam down on one’s head, it’s going to be okay. There’s always something out there to enjoy, and it’s up to us to find it. It’s in our hands to break away from that what drags us down, because it doesn’t define us. There’s a lot to enjoy out there, it’s just waiting for us to grasp it. What can one say but thank you Phil for taking us on your journey and letting us be part of something special.

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