Updated ‘She-Hulk’ Trailer on Disney+ Teases Improved CG

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It’s an understatement to say that the CG of She-Hulk’s first trailer was quite controversial. The timing of CinemaCon seemed like Marvel Studios may have had no real choice but to release something while Disney+ embraces an ad-supported model. Yet, it seems that some more work is being shown off with a brand new trailer that has been made available through Disney+, as first noticed by The Direct.

There have been many that worried they might not truly improve upon the CG, but the new look highlights what may have been its underlying issue. Unlike Mark Ruffalo‘s returning Professor Hulk, the model used for She-Hulk had a lack of texture. Her body seemed too smooth in a way, which adds to the Uncanny Valley effect that it was out of place with its environment. Plus, it doesn’t feel as real as it could given how it stands out from the background.it brings Tatiana Maslany to life.

via The Direct

The close-up might be the best showcase of just how much adding texture to the model makes a difference. The version on the right highlights pores on her face with more detailing added that highlights what was “missing” in the initial trailer release. Naturally, low-resolution footage doesn’t help matters and just adds to the issue while watching.

via The Direct

The difference in the amount of time since the initial trailer release is impressive, but the trailer hasn’t been made available in all markets yet. They are very likely still actively working on the effects, which may become one of Marvel Studios’ most expensive series but it does help add some relief for those that wondered if the CG wouldn’t be reworked over time. It’s unclear just how much work went into this version and the next trailer release might help some get a better feeling for how the CG might end up being.

Source: Disney+ via The Direct

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