Korean Rating of ‘God of War Ragnarok’ Hints at Upcoming Release

god of war ragnarok release

2022 is slowly turning into a big year for gaming, as we’re anticipating some massive game releases, and Summer of Gaming promises to give us a look at what the future has to offer. One of this year’s most anticipated titles might be the sequel to 2018’s God of War with God of War Ragnarok. Fimbulwinter is almost upon us and it looks like the game received a rating from the Korean Rating Board.

This commonly means that the game is in its final stages and that a release date is imminent. While it won’t release this summer, it does seem possible that it could be arriving around September. A fall release has been rumored for a while and while we haven’t gotten an update on the game in some time, there was recently a showcase of its new accessibility features. So, it does seem like Santa Monica Studios is wrapping up work on the game for its release.

God of War reintroduced Kratos to players, as he has found himself in the North raising a child after the tragic passing of his wife. In their journey to respect her last wish, they cross paths with a powerful god that is seeking the one to free him from his curse. The sequel will continue as the Fimbulwinter has been unleashed upon the North and he has to ensure his son survives whatever threats head their way.

Source: Korean Rating Board via Twitter

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