Latest ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Dev Stream Confirmed no PvP Plans

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The weekly tradition continues as we cover the latest developer stream of Crystal Dynamics. They offered some great insight into where their current projects are, as development has streamlined quite a bit after facing the tribulations of the pandemic. A few of the bugs have also been discussed and given some slight updates. Without further ado, here are the biggest takeaways from the events:

  • They discussed various bugs, such as Mega Hive’s resetting, sound cutting off, and enemies not spawning in certain areas. Crystal Dynamics is also actively looking into the Gamma bug. So, we might have to expect some nerfs shortly.
  • Most of the Omega-Level Threat bugs have gotten squashed. Now, they are going to forward it for QA testing to ensure everything works. The team even teased a video that will announce its release date. The most complex OLT is currently getting looked at.
  • The MCU skin wasn’t showed off this week, but they promised we’ll get one next week as they will also offer more details on the Red Room Takeover. There was the recent skin leak for a Professor Hulk costume from Avengers: Endgame.
  • Patrol Mode was a highlight in the stream, as it will include quest chains for credits. They are testing it out with four characters. It is a big area to explore, and they are looking into adding fast travel points in the future. If it turns out to be popular, they will work on more levels of this design. They also accidentally revealed that random boss events could happen.


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  • We can expect more information on post-Level 50 progressions shortly.
  • Gear 2.0 was teased once again with the updates heading our way in the near future. They seem to have some plans for next week.
  • The team would love to create a MODOK villain sector but teased one for Super Adaptoid.
  • PVP got shot down during the live stream. So, we shouldn’t expect it as they remain focused on offering PVE content.
  • There are some interesting UI changes in development for the game. In general, they will communicate these in their newly updated Weekly Blog. They also confirmed that the roadmap is going to continue growing and change as the weeks go by.

It is interesting that they are far along with their work on the OLTs and Patrol mode. They have teased that we’ll get a lot more insight next month on things, which will be quite exciting as the Tachyon Anomaly will be continuing for the next two weeks. I’ve been having fun playing alongside multiple Hulks and just annihilate AIM. So, hopefully, we’ll get these as a permanent addition, which they seem interested in adding. Here’s looking forward to next week.

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