‘Loki’ Season 2’s First Trailer is Disney+’s Biggest Debut Yet

loki season 2

It looks like having a sequel season is paying off for Marvel Studios, as their recently released trailer for Loki’s second season is already breaking records. While reactions to Secret Invasion were a bit tepid, it seems that people are more than happy to revisit the story of their favorite trickster god trapped in a timeless office of the TVA. The Disney+ series debuted to 80M views with its first trailer.

It’s not too surprising given that the first season still remains Marvel Studios’ most-watched series on Disney+. Tom Hiddleston has always been a big draw for viewers and the series may remain one of their best so far. While reactions generally have been tepid, a big break between releases and a new movement to slow down their rollout may have given this series a bit more hope to grab people’s attention. The series was also received quite positively with a 90% positive reaction from fans sharing their love for the first season.

Marvel Studios has had a bit of an uphill battle online while still remaining a power player from a box office perspective. Viewership numbers are difficult to grasp and we have no idea how viewership numbers are considered a success for the streamer, but perhaps this second season will spark an interest to build up their series more than just dropping various single-season mini-series that are loosely connected to the movies with their own stories that add to the MCU mythos.

Source: Deadline

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