‘Loki’ Season Finale Grows to 11.2M Views


While all eyes are on the demise of the MCU with The Marvels‘ disappointing opening due to a variety of reasons strongly affecting the market, it does look like their Disney+ series is showing that there’s a chance there’s, as expected, more to this story. The series finale for Loki has seen an increase from its initial viewership according to Disney+. It’s not a massive jump but it did see a jump from 10.9M in its premiere episode to 11.2M in its final entry.

That is not the biggest ending for a series in 2023 on Disney+ however, as the series was just behind The Mandalorian’s third season. Still, what is quite impressive is that Loki had a strong consistency throughout its six-episode run by pulling in an average of 11M. It should be noted that it’s difficult to compare streaming services’ viewership the success so we can only compare it to other series on the streaming service.

Loki remains one of the strongest entries on Disney+ for Marvel Studios and is likely a template for future projects moving forward. Of course, we don’t know what their future has in store exactly but it’s interesting to see these two sides to what Marvel Studios currently stands at. It further highlights that the box office performance represents a crossroads rather than the norm.

Source: Deadline

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