‘Loki’s Michael Waldron Promises Air-Tight Time Travel Logic

loki time travel

Avengers: Endgame changed the game in many ways. It ended an era of Marvel Studios’ storytelling and started a brand new one. Of course, there is also the fact that our favorite heroes uncovered a way to travel through time and influence past events. It even led to them messing with the timeline, as our favorite God of Mischief Loki managed to sneak away with the Tessaract after a failed heist attempt.

Now, he gets his own spin-off series heading to Disney+ that will build on that newly introduced concept. The Time Variance Authority rules and protects the timelines that they screwed up and it seems they have a very different understanding of time in comparison to what we learned in the fourth Avengers film. Head writer Michael Waldron revealed that the TVA has a very different understanding of time travel that will be explored in the series and he also had to make sure there were no holes in his script.

We wanted to create a time travel logic that was so air-tight it could sustain over six hours. There’s some time-travel sci-fi concepts here that I’m eager for my Rick and Morty colleagues to see.

The statement is rather ironic if you consider that Rick and Morty openly avoids the topic of time travel. There have even been various episodes where they twist the concept on its head to reveal it was something that connected to alternative dimensions In a way, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is doing something similar, as we also got the tease of multiple Lokis appearing in the show. As he is also the writer for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Waldron won’t get a break from breaking time and space anytime soon.

Source: Vanity Fair

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