First ‘SHAZAM: FURY OF THE GODS’ Set Photos Reveal Zachary Levi’s New Suit

shazam 2 set photos

It’s always a great moment when a new film or TV project enters production. Not only does it bring us one step closer to its release, but there is also the chance that set photos to find their way online. Luckily, it seems the tradition continues as the first look at Zachary Levi on the set of Shazam: Fury of the Gods has already been released. It offers our first new look at the actor in his superhero suit. So far, the images only include our first look at the actor.

We are not allowed to share the images, but you can find them on by clicking here.

Overall, the suit sticks to its red and gold aesthetic. Of course, the cape is missing but you can clearly see the buttons that normally hold it, which confirms it is added through CG later on. However, there are some interesting differences as his golden bracelets include more detail with a red finishing. Even his bolt seems to be slightly smaller than before. New red lines are coming out of the lightning bolt that connects to his shoulder.

Now, they may change some aspects of the suit through CG work once production ends but it does offer a great look. It is a tradition that each new installment of a superhero film also upgrades the outfit. It’ll be interesting to see if they give an in-universe explanation for the new design, as Billy Batson transforms into the hero through the magic word Shazam. Perhaps he gets a power upgrade at one point in the film.

Source: JustJared


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