Lucasfilm Being Sued Over Star Wars Series ‘The Acolyte’

the acolyte

It looks like things aren’t going well over at Lucasfilm. After the news hit the web that two of their highest profile projects have been scrapped, Kevin Feige’s unnamed project and Patty Jenkin‘s Rogue Squadron, it seems that an even bigger mess has found its way to their doorstep. Deadline has broken the news that Lucasfilm is currently being used for firing producer Karyn McCarthy from the upcoming Star Wars Disney+ series The Acolyte.

The project is currently being filmed, but some behind-the-scenes events may have led to this legal issue. McCarthy is famous for her work on Ballers as an executive producer and was involved with Leslye Headland‘s new Disney+ series. She was fired after working on the project for a few weeks last year. The issue arises that she turned down an offer to work on Colin Farrell‘s Sugar for Apple, as she decided to dedicate herself to Lucasfilm’s latest venture.

In the filing the following scenario is painted:

Two weeks later, without explanation, without reason, without justification, Lucasfilm told McCarthy it wanted out of the deal. By this time, the Apple offer was gone – Apple had to move on and found another executive producer for Sugar. McCarthy now had neither deal.

Some might be wondering where the core issue lies, as it’s not unusual to miss out on opportunities when focusing on other projects. The firing may have just been terrible timing that added to the bitterness of the situation. Yet, it turns out that she was also not compensated for her work. So, we’ll have to see how this turns out for everyone involved.

Source: Deadline

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