‘Supergirl’ Star to Take Over as Teela in ‘Masters of the Universe: Revolution’

masters of the universe

It seems like Teela will be recast in the upcoming sequel season for Kevin Smith‘s legacy sequel of the Masters of the Universe franchise. He’s currently working on Masters of the Universe: Revolution but sadly it seems not everyone will return from the previous seasons. According to Deadline, Sarah Michelle Gellar will not return in the next entry

Instead, Supergirl star Melissa Benoist is taking over as the voice for Teela in Revolution. So far, Chris Wood, Mark Hamill, and William Shatner are the only confirmed cast for the next season. Though, we still don’t know who Shatner will play. We’ll see who else might join or take over as the series continues with a more technology versus magic focus.

Benoist shared the following statement on joining the project:

I jumped at the opportunity to work alongside my friend, Kevin Smith and join the Revolution family as another bold and fearless heroine. I look forward to sharing the next evolution of Teela’s story with fans

Melissa Benoist

It’s great to see Benoist join another major project like this and it’ll be interesting to see if Teela might have a major role in Revolution. It’s a shame that Gellar isn’t returning and perhaps she’ll find time for a small role to still remain as part of the cast moving forward without having to invest too much time. Either way, we are also likely a step closer to seeing the new Masters of the Universe finally released if they are announcing cast members.

Source: Deadline

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