‘Tomb Raider’ Actor to Play Kuroobi in Netflix’s ‘One Piece’

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It looks like a member of the Arlong Pirates has been uncovered for Netflix’s upcoming live-action adaptation of One Piece. While we know that McKinley Belcher will play the big bad Arlong for some time now, we haven’t heard any news on the various members that’ll make up his group of evil Fishmen.

His pirate crew that are making their mark on the East Blue and ruling the innocent Conomi Islands with an iron fist consisting of a small group of Fish-men from the Grand Line. While there are quite a few additional members, the main opponents the Straw Hats face are Kuroobi, Chew, and Hatchan.

As first shared by @OP_Netflix_Fan, Warrior, and Tomb Raider actor Jandre’ Le Roux has shared in his CV that he’s taking on the role of Kuroobi. Not just that, but he also offers some insight into what we can expect from his role. He includes sword-fighting choreography for the Fish-Man Karate specialist, and highlights “fending off sword strikes and kicks” which alludes to Sanji.

We also get another hint that the Fish-Man is going to be brought to life practically in the Netflix series. While they may still use CG to touch up some elements, he highlights that he spent his time working on One Piece, or Project Panda, “in full upper body prosthetics,” which likely made combat scenes even trickier. So, it’ll be interesting just how far they lean into the designs from the manga. Here’s hoping we get Arlong’s iconic saw-shaped nose.

Source: iArtistManagement, Twitter

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