Lucasfilm Confirms Season 2 of ‘Ahsoka’ Is in the Works

Lucasfilm’s Star Wars streaming series Ahsoka was one of the 10 most streamed series in 2023 and left fans wanting more. Now, in an official press release via, confirmation has come that a second season of the Rosario Dawson-led series in in the works.

The Season 1 finale saw Ahsoka and Sabine Wren stranded on Peridea while Grand Admiral Thrawn returned from his exile to ascend as the Heir to the Empire; however, stowaway Ezra Bridger was reunited with Hera Syndulla, providing some hope that the New Republic might find a way to fend off Thrawn and the Shadow Council.

A second season of Ahsoka has been believed to be in the works for some time, though the WGA strike certainly delayed the official announcement.

Source: Star Wars

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