EXCLUSIVE: Film About America’s First Serial Killer Looking For A-List Leads

America, get ready to scream bloody murder. Producers Lorin McCraley and Paul Sinacore are preparing to bring the story of Boone Helm, America’s first recorded serial killer, to life on the big screen. Tentatively titled Boone, the film is a period piece set in the late 1850s onward, that will chronicle the last days of “the Kentucky Cannibal” as two determined lawmen track his vile exploits across the breadth of the Wild West. Helm was known for his extreme self-preservation, which famously involved him consuming trail mates in order to survive harsh conditions. Boone will begin filming in the Fall of 2023 on location in Missouri, and if the producers have their way, will star two A-listers in the lead roles.

The production is looking to offer the parts of Helm and Sheriff Nathan Hurley to A-list names only. For Helm, the studio is searching for an A-lister between 40-55 years old to play the character. Sheriff Hurley, the law man whose son was killed by Boone, will be portrayed by an A-lister between 50 and 85.

Boone will require its talent to have horsemanship skills and hopes to acquire several strong supporting leads for its anticipated $6 million shoot. The film was written by McCraley and Edward Cieplinski, and there is currently no director attached.

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