MALTA FILM WEEK: ‘Jurassic World Dominion’s Colin Trevorrow Teases Huge Malta Action Sequence

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Jurassic World Dominion is still a few months off until it releases in June and director Colin Trevorrow has been busy working on the film. Still, he took some time to attend the Malta Film Awards and gave a live Q&A during a screening of his first film, Safety Not Guaranteed. There, he discussed his work on the latest Jurassic World entry, as he filmed a sequence in the country. He was asked about what advice he could offer the countries’ aspiring filmmakers, where he went on to praise the local talent and how they helped bring a sequence to life.

There’s a massive sequence with dinosaurs running around the streets of Malta that you’re going to see in six months and it’s pretty crazy. We’re really happy with it, really proud. […] What I am proud of is that we shot Malta for Malta. It says Malta on the screen and everyone knows that it’s here and I think you should prepare for a generation of children to associate Malta with dinosaurs.

Colin Trevorrow

It certainly sounds like quite the undertaking to have dinosaurs take over an entire city. The name of the city wasn’t explicitly stated, but it’s very likely that it took place in Valletta. It’ll be interesting to see how the dinosaurs managed to find their way to the island of Malta. At the end of Fallen Kingdom, we saw them escape into the wild from one facility but it’s uncertain just how much they’ve managed to spread across the world. Empire revealed an image some time ago of Chris Pratt being chased by a raptor, which may be part of this very sequence.

EMPIRE Reveals New 'Jurassic World: Dominion' Atrociraptor Image & Details!  | Jurassic Outpost

Having walked through the streets of Malta – sadly, production has already wrapped by the time the cinematic event started – the narrow streets offer a lot of potential for close escapes from the dangers the dinosaurs may offer. We also don’t know which ones are involved, but a herd of Stegosaurus may become quite dangerous if they start piling up through the streets. It’ll be exciting to see the sequence once the film releases later this year.

Source: YouTube, Empire

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