Marvel Studios ‘Blade’ Adds New Writer in ‘True Detective’ Creator Nic Pizzolato

After being announced at SDCC ’19, Marvel Studios Blade reboot went through some turbulent times. Though star Mahershala Ali was on board, the project went through a few different iterations of creative teams before seeming to settle into a groove with writer Michael Starrbury and director Yann Demange. Now, another new scribe has been added to the mix .

According to THR, writer Nic Pizzolato has come aboard. Pizzolato, who created True Detective where he worked with Ali, has been brought on board to sharpen up Starrbury’s draft for the project. According to the report, Pizzolato has been working with the draft for a period of a few weeks.

Despite the new writer being added to the mix, Blade remains on track to kick off production in Atlanta sometime in May. That should easily keep the film, which fans have been eagerly awaiting for nearly four years, on track for its September 6th, 2024 release.


Source: THR

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