Matt Reeves Confirms Newly Spotted Riddler Easter Egg

the batman riddler

The Batman has found its way to HBO Max and with it, eagle-eyed fans have been on the hunt for any possible Easter egg they may have potentially missed out on while watching it in theaters. One that stood out is that people noticed that Paul Dano‘s Riddler can be spotted living opposite the Iceberg Lunge at the half-hour mark. Considering the ending, this would be quite the giveaway if people noticed early but it’s hard to truly make out.

Luckily, director Matt Reeves took to Twitter to confirm that this is in fact Riddler in that apartment. It sticks out that it’s the only room highlighted with someone looking out the window. The fact the film includes hints at some later revelations is a great eye for detail from the director and his creative team.

ho knows what other hints and secrets the film is hiding. The Riddler has not only left a lot of clues for Bruce Wayne, but it seems Reeves did the same with his movie. So, with its arrival on HBO Max, we’ll surely see what other secrets might find their way online now that they can easily skim it for any detail possible.

Source: Twitter

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