First Look at A24’s ‘Hazbin Hotel’ Animated Series Released

hazbin hotel a24

Vivienne Medrano, who some might know better as VivziePop, has been hard at work on her various animated series. She’s been independently working with a team to bring the series titled Helluva Boss to life on YouTube, which has been welcomed with open arms by fans. That is not all, as some time ago, the famous indie production studio A24 also picked up her other pilot project, Hazbin Hotel, as a direct series. The story focuses on Charlie Morningstar, the princess of hell – yes, that hell – as she tries to reform people through her hotel. The long-dormant Twitter account started sharing some pictures from the series, such as our first look at Charlie’s new design for the series.

That’s not all, as a small teaser of the titular hotel has also been shared, which includes some familiar visuals such as the blimp that was featured heavily in the pilot episode. We’ll see if the various additions to the hotel might tease the many tenants of the hotel and the wacky adventures that might result from it.

The “On Air” sign definitely teases the return of Alastor, the Radio Demon. It’s unclear if they might change some aspects from the pilot, which isn’t uncommon for these adaptations. There’s a good chance most of the cast will return, but we might pick up where the pilot left off and just jump straight into the daily life of the hotel. With the “coming soon” tease, we hopefully won’t have to wait long for our first look at the series.

Source: Twitter

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