Netflix Teases a Live-Action ‘One Piece’ Update in June

one piece netflix update

Well, it looks like those that are actively following the development of Netflix’s live-action One Piece series have something to be excited about. Netflix Geeked has just announced that from June 6th until the 10th they will be holding Geeked Week for 2022 with lots of announcements, sneak peeks, and trailers for their upcoming projects. Now, eagle-eyed fans might swiftly notice one rather big detail added into the fray.

The visual shared by Netflix Geeked has one creative detail right next to the date and that is pretty clearly the manga design of the Going Merry. So, it’s safe to assume that we might get something out of the event teasing the live-action adaptation and we may get some kind of preview from behind the scenes. It seems unlikely we’ll get a full trailer of some kind, but they could add a teaser or first look at the cast.

There’s been a lot of excitement about whatever direction the series is going to take, especially as we’re seeing quite a few set photos teasing the massive sets that they are working on. Just yesterday, we got a good look at Shank’s ship, the Red Force, as it is parked in Windmill Village. We even got a glimpse of them filming something on top of the Merry, which got quite the updated design. Its inclusion is definitely on purpose, as there are also teases for Umbrella Academy, the new Resident Evil series, and more. Still, here’s we also get some teases as we near Geeked Week.

Source: Twitter

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