New Live-Action ‘One Piece’ Set Photos Offer Best Look Yet at Going Merry and Shank’s Ship

A new batch of set photos for Netflix’s ‘One Piece’ series not only offer the best look yet at Shank’s ship but also the Going Merry.
one piece going merry

One Piece is the series that keeps on giving. More set photos have found their way online of Netflix’s live-action adaptation, but going by the massive size of the ships involved it would be hard-pressed they could somehow find a way to hide them. Another batch of One Piece set photos offers an even better look at not only the Going Merry but also the fully-formed Red Force. Just recently, we got a shot from behind that offered a look at the ship and Windmill Village. Well, if you’ve wondered just how massive these ships are, the latest batch photos might offer a clearer picture.

Once again, @OP_Netflix_News has shared the latest set of photos, and it’s quite impressive to see just how detailed they went with their designs. Red Force, Shank’s iconic ship from Luffy’s childhood, is truly massive, and you can see a lot of detail put into the Viking-inspired design. Have to say, the Red Force’s figurehead is a massive improvement from the original storyline. The fact they built the ship does also highlight we’ll get a few scenes on board, such as the famous moment when Luffy stabbed into his eye to show how ready he is to venture out into the seas.

We also get a new look at Going Merry. While there is an ongoing joke that the ship is constantly screaming. Well, it turns out the Going Merry is actually merry, as this new set photo reveals that the new detailed figurehead is actually trying to make her smile. So, we already see some nice touches by the One Piece team trying to add a special touch to their designs while also staying faithful to the original manga.

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