‘American Horror Story’ Spin-Off Set Photos Reveal the Return of Evan Peters’ Tate Langdon

american horror story spin off evan peters

American Horror Story has been quite the hit for a long time. After nine seasons, it was bound to get some sort of spin-off. Last year, series creator, Ryan Murphy, announced the anthology series was in works at FX and would see self-contained stories taking around an hour each. The series would explore old and new locations. The first season would consist of sixteen episodes diving into “horror myths, legends, and lore” while also featuring familiar faces from AHS‘s past. With little to no casting details on the upcoming series, a set photo confirms the return of a fan favorite.

New set photos from the spin-off’s set, which is currently filming at the Rammstein Mansion. It is probably better known as the Murder House. The set photos offer our first confirmation that Evan Peters will return in the role of Tate Langdon, one of the many spirits that haunt the home. It’s currently unconfirmed as to who else from the original cast but Violet would make a lot of sense.


American Horror Stories is set to release on FX on Hulu but currently has no set release date and has yet to reveal an official cast. It’ll be interesting how many other storylines might get explored in the spin-off, as they seem less restrained with an overarching plot throughout the season. They could have a connecting theme, which is a staple of the franchise. We cannot wait to see what other familiar faces might make their grand return in the near future.

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