HBO Max Brazil to Add ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ in July

spiderman hbo max

As Spider-Man: No Way Home is not owned by Marvel Studios, its release is quite scattered across the world. If you live in Brazil, you’re in luck if you have an HBO Max subscription, as the film is heading to the Warner Bros.-owned subscription service on July 22nd. Not every release is currently known on the Spider-Man threequel worldwide, but there is the deal that Sony made with Netflix and Disney+. We still haven’t heard any update on how exactly that deal works and when we might expect the MCU films to make their appearance on the Disney-owned service. It’ll likely head to Netflix in those markets that don’t yet have HBO Max access.

Sony’s release strategy on streaming has been smart, as they don’t carry any of the costs without setting up one, but still enjoy the licensing fees from offering them to others. While Warner Bros., Disney, Peacock, and Netflix fight over the dominance in the market, Sony is making its cash mostly through offering its library to them. It’s a great strategy in an already crowded market that is reaching its limits.

The only drawback is that it becomes quite the question mark where and when we can expect specific releases. If there’s no overall deal, like Netflix and Disney+, it strongly depends on local market contracts. For now, it feels like a free-for-all though we’ll likely see a shift within the market as time goes on and some overall deals are finalized with the main subscription services cementing themselves within the market.

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