‘Top Gun: Maverick’ To Have the Widest Release in North America of All Time

top gun maverick release

There’s been a lot of discussion regarding the current trends of Hollywood blockbusters dominating cinemas. Yet, it looks like another big release is going to be present across the entire United States with Top Gun: Maverick set to become the all-time widest opening in the United States. It’s now set to release in 4,732 theaters, which beast 2019’s Lion King held the record at 4,725. To put it into comparison, this year’s biggest releases so far included Doctor Strange in the Mutliverse of Madness at 4,534 and The Batman at 4,417.

A wide release highlights the expectations set by Skydance Media and Paramount Pictures in what the film has to offer. The hype has been great, especially with its overwhelmingly positive reviews. Of course, it’s been a while since the first Top Gun found its way into theaters back in 1986, but Tom Cruise has always been quite the box office draw, the Mission: Impossible franchise is certainly a testament to that.

Current predictions do see the film releasing between $98M to $125M, which has been growing steadily as we near its release later this week. For now, there’s a chance it might go beyond those expectations especially as they widen its release in the United States. There’s no word if the European and other international markets will also see an expansion.

Source: Twitter

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