Live-Action ‘One Piece’ Series Adds a Key Arlong Park Character

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Those excited about the first live-action adaptation of Eiichiro Oda‘s One Piece have been facing quite a dry spell since production wrapped up some time ago. We still have no exact release date for the project or any hint on when we might expect the promotion to start. Tudum sadly didn’t offer any real updates and it seems we might have to wait until next year for any official update.

Luckily, some actors have taken to their official CVs to update them with their newly acquired roles that have offered some minor castings during our wait. Now, another has been spotted by @OP_Netflix_Fan as Rory Acton Burnell has revealed he is taking on the role of Captain Nezumi. For those that might not know the character, he is a Marine that has a minor but relevant role in the events of the Arlong Park arc.

There is some surprise to this casting, as there was the opportunity that they’d potentially merge characters for a more consistent storyline throughout the East Blue saga. Most of the storylines don’t directly connect, and it seemed like a great opportunity to have elements from others potentially tie into the events of others. We ourselves theorized that perhaps Nezumi might get skipped for Captain Morgen, but it seems we were off if they still have a role in the story. We still have to see if any official announcements may offer more insight into how they tackle the project.

Source: ERMStars

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