Russo Brothers Tease When You Could Expect a Marvel Return

marvel russo brothers

Joe and Anthony Russo made quite their mark on the filming market by not only directing two great additions to the Captain America franchise but also directing two of Marvel Studios’ highest-grossing films Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers. Endgame. When rumors of what may be the next addition to the franchise might be, many threw their names back into the hat. They even teased how they would tackle an adaptation of Secret Wars throughout various interviews promoting films from their newly established AGBO production studio.

While Shang-Chi director Daniel Destin Cretton took over the first of the Multiverse Saga’s Avengers entries, many thought there is still a chance for them to tackle the finale which is Avengers: Secret Wars. So far, Marvel Studios has yet to announce a director to tackle the project but it seems we should definitely not expect the Russo Brothers to tackle the project according to Joe Russo in an interview with Variety.

We won’t be ready to do anything with Marvel until the end of the decade.

Joe Russo

It’s no surprise that they won’t have any time until later in the decade, especially with their many deals with Amazon and Netflix currently moving forward in full force. Marvel Studios ended up giving them the opportunity to establish their name in the industry and push forward on their own passion projects. Of course, there’s also always the question of finding the right project that would catch their interest, and perhaps something pops up throughout the coming years that pulls them in eventually.

Source: Variety

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