‘Moon Knight’: First look at New Khonshu and Ammit Funko Pops

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As is tradition, we just got the final episode of Moon Knight and a new character. After teasing her arrival for quite some time, Ammit has finally made her imprint on the series and arrived as the final big bad to face. Of course, a new character also means that we have a new Funko Pop heading our way, which has finally been revealed. Not only do we get an Ammit Funko, but even one from Khonshu’s Temple in the form of a statue. It’s a cute idea as it gives them an additional way to showcase the character.

Sadly, we didn’t get to spend a lot of time with the character, but Ammit definitely left an impact on viewers. Not only did it give us a crazy Kaiju-inspired battle between the Egyptian gods, but it was interesting to see the revelation that Harrow has actually been a bit of a hypocrite. While he pretends to be perfectly balanced, he is very well aware of the fact that he is one and still hopes to work for him.

It is surprising that we didn’t get a new Funko Pop for the Scarlet Scarab. Layla’s transformation was a big move for the series and introduced the first Egyptian superhero in live-action. We’ll see if they have an additional release planned as they give it some time and were mainly focused on the big bad reveal, especially as we also haven’t gotten a Tawaret Funko. So her getting one alongside her new Avatar seems like the perfect way to add them.

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