Mohamed Diab Reveals that Egypt Sees ‘Moon Knight’ as their ‘Black Panther’

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Moon Knight is an interesting project, as while there has some have pointed out the lack of Jewish representation in the project considering the character’s background, there was a stronger focus on the Egyptian roots within the project. Mohamed Diab, a critically-acclaimed director from Egypt, had a big part in bringing the project to life and left his imprint, especially on how the country was represented. In an interview with The Wrap, he reveals that the series is a huge hit in Egypt. He goes on to highlight that:

You don’t know how big this is in Egypt. Egyptians are dealing with the show as if this is their ‘Black Panther.’ People in the third-world countries, a lot of them are culturally defeated. They see the West as very superior. So they couldn’t even imagine that people are going to like our music when you put some Egyptian music in, they couldn’t believe that Egyptians could direct something as good or be behind camera or in front of the camera, and eventually having an Egyptian superhero. Oh my God. It’s so big in Egypt that it becomes like a national pride, and I hope everyone gets their own representation. It’s very important.

Mohamed Diab

In a way, it once again highlights the big draw that Marvel Studios has introducing a variety of backgrounds into its universe, which has a big international draw. Not only did the series introduce the first Egyptian superhero, but it also gave Egypt a representation that goes beyond the yellow filter many Hollywood productions forced upon the country. So, having a director like Mohamed Diab that also has that background adds a little something special to the project, which we might see more of moving forward.

Source: The Wrap

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