‘Moon Knight’: First Look at Scarlet Scarab’s Funko Pop

scarlet scarab funko

The Moon Knight finale surprised many with the first look at Layla LaFaouly becoming the Avatar of the Egyptian god Tawaret. As a result, she received her own unique costume and would later be revealed to be the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Scarlet Scarab. a minor character introduced in the comics, it was a surprise to see her become the hero in the series, especially given its importance for representation. May Calamawy was a highlight throughout and it was great that she got her moment to shine, and luckily we’re also getting a Funko Pop highlighting her new superhero alter-ego.

While just recently sharing a first look at Ammit, it seems that Scarlet Scarab was going to follow shortly after. Sadly, she didn’t get joined by her new Egyptian god, which would’ve made for a nice double-pack given their connections. Yet, Khonshu also released on his own, as they mainly focus on the introduction of the various characters as a jumping-off point for when they also release correlating Funkos.

It’ll be interesting to see if she also gets her own spinoff series, which definitely sounds like a project that Mohamed Diab would want to push forward. Of course, he has said he’s interested in tackling a Moon Knight team-up movie next, but there are a lot of opportunities on how they can explore the character. Perhaps she also gets her own Disney+ spinoff or a special that focuses on her. We’ll see what the potential has in store for us.

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