‘Marvel’s Avengers’: Black Panther’s ‘War for Wakanda’ Campaign Length Teased

avengers war for wakanda length

Entertainment Weekly had a big day for Marvel’s Avengers. We got the confirmation for Christopher Judge as Black Panther alongside some story details. There was also a rather curious claim that the upcoming expansion known as War for Wakanda would be around 25 hours long. Now, we theorized that this might be about the various missions that’ll be available in the game, as the length of the main campaign is around ten hours long. Luckily, Keano Raubun, game and narrative designer on the game, clarified the meaning of the number. It seems that it was definitely not about the story length but rather how long the game’s overall storyline is since the first Reassemble campaign.

He didn’t clarify how long we can expect the new expansion to end up being, but you can make a decent estimate. He also confirmed that it includes Kate Bishop’s Taking AIM, Hawkeye’s Future Imperfect, and the recent Cosmic Cube villain sector. So, we can guess around five to eight hours’ worth of story in the upcoming Black Panther operation. Now, that is no small feat as it rivals the length of the main campaign and doesn’t include the various additional content that is heading our way. So, you might be playing quite a few more hours, as it only references the story length.

Of course, we still don’t know exactly how long it will be and some people’s playtime can vary depending on how they tackle each mission. Either way, it seems like the expansion is truly that and with a brand new playable character, a lot is heading our way with Marvel’s Avengers. We also know that a new roadmap will get released in the coming month, which will also give us a better picture of what we can expect beyond the expansion.

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