‘Marvel’s Avengers’: First Story Details for ‘War for Wakanda’ Revealed

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The wait has been long, but Entertainment Weekly finally unveiled that Christopher Judge will voice Black Panther in Marvel’s Avengers upcoming expansion. War for Wakanda is eyeing an August release and will introduce players to a very distinctive version of the famous story. Outside of the story trailer teasing a conflict with Ulysses Klaw, we knew very little about the story. The title certailny gives away the main plot, but the EW article offered a bit more insight into the story.


Marvel's Avengers game Black Panther


The story will continue where the first campaign took place. T’Challa, who has been king for some time now, was negotiating with Steve Rogers to work with the Avengers. Yet, after A-Day, his death led to the closing of their borders once again. Klaw got hired by MODOK to steal their vibranium, which kicks off the events of the expansion. Narrative Lead Hannah McLeod teased his motivation for this personal vendetta.

[Klaw] has a personal vendetta against Wakanda that I don’t want to spoil. It’s different than the comics,” teases McLeod. “We’ll say he has this sonic technology he developed that is used specifically to make vibranium tech vulnerable, but it also has this issue where it causes corruption in vibranium. That corrupt vibranium is starting to sprout all over the earth, which is why the Avengers get involved.

As T’Challa has been king for some time, we’ll see a very different version of the character. He has some tension with his sister Shuri, as he believes to know what Wakanda needs. Klaw won’t be the only antagonist, as they confirmed two central villains in the game’s story. You’ll also get to meet the game’s version of the Dora Milaaje and the sorcerer Zawavari. EW teases a 25-hour single-player campaign, which may include quite a few side activities. It sounds like quite a massive expansion if it truly offers that length of content outside of the usual GaaS grind. We’ll find out more in the coming weeks, and we cannot wait to play T’Challa once he is made available in the game.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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