‘American Horror Story’ Spin-Off Recasting Season 1’s Rutger Twins

american horror story spin off twins

It looks like the American Horror Story spin-off is actively exploring past seasons in creative ways. We just got our first look at the return of Evan Peters‘ Tate Langdon. It is starting to point that American Horror Stories is going to revisit the place that started it all, as we also saw the team return to the iconic Murder House from the first season. They are still keeping most of the stories’ plot under wraps, but it will certainly be a trip down memory lane. It looks like the first season will see a few more returning characters, as the twins Troy and Bryan.


It Looks Like The Creepy Twins From The Very First Episode Of 'AHS' Are Back


The first hint came from the AHS fan page on Instagram, where they hinted at the return of the red-headed twins. Now, the actors that originally portrayed them have aged since the original first season premiered in 2011. So, we can confirm that they are actively looking to recast the two. Yet, they are active only looking for one actor with twins being a plus. Their description matches the original appearance. The character is described as a “mischievous teenager, who is always playing pranks and wreaking havoc.”

It seems they are taking into account the difficulty of finding twin actors that would match Kari and Bodhi Schultz‘s description. So, if they only manage to find one actor to fit the bill, they may reshoot the scenes with him playing the other twin. We’ll see how they play into the story and if this tale will offer a new perspective on the original first season of the series, or maybe visit a brand new victim of the murder house once it airs.

Source: Instagram

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