First Look at ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ MCU Captain America and Hawkeye Skins Leaked Online

marvel avengers mcu captain america

Marvel’s Avengers is no stranger to leaks and it looks like their new Marvel Cinematic Universe-inspired skins are finding their way online. A few days ago, we got our first look at a Professor Hulk design that was stripped straight from Avengers: Endgame. Now, it looks like two more have found their way online. It looks like Endgame might be the main focus for the first series of skins, as Captain America’s scale uniform and Hawkeye’s Ronin skin from the film have leaked online.

Someone posted them in a response to a tweet by @Laajune__, who teased how these skins ended up being revealed. It seems that changing skins after dying in a Mega Hive mission, which leads to your current outfit getting replaced with the MCU skins. User @Sksk37474251 then posted the first look at both skins.



The costumes look fantastic and are direct adaptations of the films. It is curious though that they seem to be focusing on the Endgame designs, but they are the most recent for many of these characters. There is a good chance that Black Widow, the main star of the upcoming event, will also get skins from her upcoming film, which is slated to release in July. Crystal Dynamics confirmed that we will get our first look officially at the upcoming developer stream. It’ll be interesting to see if they showcase the already revealed skins, or we get something new.

Source: Twitter

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