‘One Piece’ Set Photos Offers New Look at Windmill Village and Shank’s Finished Ship

one piece shanks set

Since the live-action One Piece started production, we got quite a few pictures from behind the scenes that teased just how much practical work is going into the production. It’s quite commendable to see how much time they are spending on bringing the various villages and ships to life. The latest set photo to find its way online offers another look at Shank’s Red Force. Yet, this time around, he even has the figurehead attached.

@OP_Netflix_Fan has shared a new set photo that offers our first look at the completed Red Force but also confirms that it is currently parked in Windmill Village. Some time ago, the windmills were spotted in the distance, but this time around we actually get to see the ship parked in the village. So, it’s pretty safe to say that they are currently busy filming the flashback of when Shank’s saved Luffy’s life and set him on the path to becoming King of the Pirates.

It’s getting clear that the production isn’t filming everything in order, as we recently saw the set for Loguetown teasing Gol D. Roger’s execution. Some even managed to spot them still working on a life-size boat of the Baratie in the distance, which may be one of the final arcs they film. The fact they are filming the flashback also matches with why we recently learned that Yellowjacket‘s Peter Gadiot would take on the iconic role of Shanks. As there’s a risk that set photos might offer our first look at the actor on set, they got the announcement out ahead of time.

Source: Twitter

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